Pumpkin face paint easy but unusual Halloween ideas

 Are you planning to celebrate this holiday on a maximum scale?  In this case, you need to responsibly approach the organization of the celebration, decorate the room with carved pumpkins, artificial ghosts, candles, decorative cobwebs and other elements.  But the main thing is to prepare for this holiday yourself.  You need to choose a beautiful Halloween look that suits you perfectly, and you will be able to translate it into reality.

The most popular Halloween looks

 For many years in a row, the most popular costume for celebrating this event was the tragic white outfit from Tim Burton’s cartoon «Corpse Bride».  Moreover, for its implementation, you will not need any special costs, and the process itself will not be complicated.  It is necessary to choose a wedding dress and make the skin as light as possible, for which ordinary powder is suitable.  But this image is very simple, and you will hardly surprise anyone with it, so we bring to your attention the TOP of the most original and non-standard easy pumpkin face paint ideas.

 A porcelain doll.  This image of a frightening, completely lifeless and motionless doll will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.  The complete absence of emotions on the face can scare much more than the ugliest faces and heartbreaking screams.  This is, of course, one of the scariest Halloween looks for women.  In this case, the clothes can be absolutely any, but it is better to choose a «doll» dress in pastel shades, also whiten the skin and make a special make-up «under the doll.»  You can draw on the knees, elbows, neck, fasteners like puppets.

 Geisha.  To embody this Halloween look, you will need to make a high bun on your head, whiten your face, make your eyebrows black, and paint your lips with red lipstick.  As an outfit, of course, you need to choose a kimono.  But in this case, you can’t do without blood either: add blood stains to the image.  You can also take a samurai sword, it will look quite organic.

 The image of a witch on Halloween is completely banal and very few people are interested in, but the image of a mermaid is what you need.  You can make it a reality with the help of face art.  You will need a professional, high-quality makeup, with which you can change the skin tone to blue, blue, purple.  Against this background, you will need to draw fish scales.  It will be possible to complement such an image with shells, colored sparkles, powder.  On top, you will need to apply the most dense paint that is resistant to external influences.  In some situations, pearl stickers, beads, sequins are used, which will visually resemble scales.

 Angel.  In general, this image is quite common and there are many places where you can see it, but on Halloween it is relatively rare, so if you decide to choose it, you will look sophisticated and unique.  Your task is to bring to reality the angelic appearance, which can look really creepy, scary.  In this case, you need to make an angelic make-up, supplement it with bloody spots, bruises, scars.  And in terms of clothing, you will not need to be especially sophisticated, you can get by with any white clothes.  But be sure to buy or make your own wings as an add-on.

 Calavera.  Translated from Mexican, this word is translated as «sugar skull».  It is a symbol of the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated annually in Mexico.  There, this day is considered very positive, kind, bright, and therefore the symbol is quite bright.  In our country, colorful calaveras will look really creepy, but still beautiful.  Your face should be adorned with attractive patterns, ornaments of bright colors, as if from sweet glaze.  Anyone can make such an original make-up, even at home on their own.

 Jack’s Lantern.  Yes, pumpkin is strongly associated with Halloween among many.  Some may find this image trivial.  But still pumpkin face paint can be made in an original and unusual way.  And sometimes it is not necessary to buy face painting for this.  In every girl’s makeup bag, there are lipsticks and shadows of the right shades and black eyeliner.  You will need to randomly distribute different shades of orange, yellow and red, making accents around the eyes and lips.  Almost any clothing will complement the composition, the main thing is that the colors match.

 Of course, you can choose the most banal image of a cat for Halloween or a witch, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, then consider the options presented above.

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