Pumpkin face paint child ideas

 If you want to please your child and his friends, you can make the kids a costume theme party for Birthday or Halloween using face painting.  Invite a special artist who knows how to work with face painting, and most importantly, with children.  Or, if you have at least minimal drawing skills and contact with children, you can draw some simple drawings yourself.

How to make a holiday for children unforgettable?

 Face painting is a great addition to any holiday, because every child dreams of turning into his favorite fairytale character or superhero at least for a short time.

 In addition, face painting is a versatile means of creating images.  Now you don’t have to waste time looking for the right carnival mask, because with a minimal palette of colors and a brush, you can turn more than a dozen people into any character!  Arm yourself with just three ingredients – paints, brushes and imagination.  We will tell you about the features of application, how to draw a simple face painting for children at home and its alternatives in this article.

 To create face painting, special paints are used that are easy to apply and just as easily washed off with water.  Typically, face art inks undergo dermatological tests to ensure complete safety in use.  Such paints can be of two types: dry (pressed) and liquid.  You can additionally purchase a glitter for face painting, which will emphasize and make even more vivid the images you have chosen.

Rules for the use of face painting for children

 Children’s skin is much more delicate and sensitive than the skin of an adult, so you need to handle it more carefully and follow certain rules:

 It is not recommended to paint children under 3-4 years old.

 Before applying face and body makeup, check if your child is allergic to the paint.  To do this, apply some makeup on a small part of the neck and wait 10-15 minutes, then gently rinse without rubbing.  If the skin does not turn red, then there is no allergic reaction, and you can safely start creating a vivid image.

 If your child’s face has scratches, abrasions, rashes, or other manifestations of skin conditions, stop using children’s pumpkin face paint.  So that the child does not feel annoyed to remain unpainted, you can offer him to make a small drawing on his hand, where everything is fine with the skin.

 Remember that you can leave face painting on a child’s face for no more than 3 hours.

Which drawings to choose?

 Before using face painting, analyze what the child’s reaction to the drawing will be.  For example, a shy child who does not like to be in the spotlight may start to worry, but a sociable and active child who loves to be in sight, on the contrary, will be delighted with the original image.

 Still, try to choose not too scary images for children when it comes to Halloween.  Good options are:

For girls:

  • – witch;
  • – angel;
  •  – black kitty.

 For boys :

  •  – pirate;
  • – skeleton;
  •  – vampire.

 Two more options can suit both girls and boys – this is the mummy, and the most popular and recognizable symbol of Halloween is the pumpkin.

 These images will be easy to draw even for a novice artist.  For example, to create a pumpkin drawing, you will need several sponges, two brushes, black, yellow, and orange paints.

 For any drawing, you need to cleanse your face well – wipe it with lotion, tonic or micellar water.  The tone can not be applied, because it is harmful for a child to walk for a long time with paints on his face, and therefore stability is not so important to us.

 So, apply orange on your face.  Then, with a thin brush, draw black triangles around the nose and eyes, and the outline of the large triangular teeth around the mouth.  Paint them black.  Apply not too wide vertical stripes with yellow paint, giving structure to the design.

 Some especially restless kids cannot even stand 5-10 minutes in one place.  For such, we suggest simply drawing a pumpkin face paint small drawing on the cheek.

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