Pumpkin face paint cheek art – how to choose the right paint for face painting

 Every child adores colorful pictures and make-up; every year, drawings on the face become more and more popular.  If at first make-up was used for adults, in theatrical performances or by animators, now facial pictures have become a favorite child’s entertainment.  Parents delight their kids with beautiful painting at children’s parties, festivals, photo shoots.

What is the name of painting on the face

 Increasingly, they paint on the face of children, but adults do not stop applying scary or funny images, for example, for Halloween or New Year’s masquerades, and this type of creativity is called face art.  Body art has long been known, when the body is painted, but here only the face is made up.

What colors can you paint on your face

 If you invite a person who professionally draws face art to prepare for a party, then you do not need to worry about the composition of the paints or the method of application, unless you or your child are allergic to a very rare component.  If drawing on the face takes place at home, it is better to be safe and read the composition of the selected funds.

 Several types of tools are used to paint faces, thanks to which you can create a bright picture:

 Face painting is the most popular type for painting on children’s skin.  It is completely harmless, and the pumpkin face paint created with this tool will last for a long time.

 Decorative cosmetics are more suitable for applying makeup for adults.

Water-based markers – Use them for outlines or sharp lines.  The drawing itself is not performed using only one marker.  The only drawback of this tool is that it is difficult to wash it off, and your little one can spend more than one day with the pattern.

 Food colors – This type is more suitable for home use.  If there are no specialized stores nearby, and the children’s party is in full swing, you can combine baby cream, starch, food coloring and delight the children’s company.

Can I paint with gouache?

 This is a separate issue that should be given due attention.  Adults are often seen painting their faces with paints in preparation for Halloween.  But parents shouldn’t follow this example.  Remember that art paints are only for sheets of paper, in no case for human skin, and even less for a child’s face.  These paints contain harmful substances that cause irritation.

Watercolors on the face

 Watercolors as well as gouache are artistic paints.  It contains substances that can adversely affect the health of the child and cause skin irritation.  Watercolors should not be painted on the skin, face, or anywhere else on the body.  Do not use gouache, watercolors and pencils in face art, all these tools are intended only for drawings on paper.

How to paint on the face

 If you know how to draw, then there will be no difficulties at all.  But if you are an artist only at heart, this is not a reason to give up and leave children’s eyes sad.  Step-by-step  execution of a simple drawing will be within your power.  If you understand that you definitely will not be able to make a large drawing on the whole face, just draw, for example, one or several small pumpkin face paint on cheek.

What drawings can be painted on the face

 There are an incredible amount of ideas and samples of makeup.  Be sure to calculate your strength, whether you can draw a real tiger, if your maximum is a pirate with a sketched eye.  Often, pictures for boys and girls are different, because since childhood, girls are princesses, and boys are superheroes.  Observe the main rule – bright and short in performance, because children are bored of waiting.

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