Halloween pumpkin face paint for girls

 Make-up is an integral part of any themed holiday for every girl.  He is able to harmoniously complete any chosen image and give it a unique flavor.  For a Halloween party, make-up can be very different: both emphatically aggressive, and, on the contrary, extremely cute and feminine.  Each girl on this day with the help of the chosen image can show the secret traits of her character.

Halloween makeup

 Makeup artists offer the attention of fashionistas a variety of Halloween pumpkin face painting ideas, for the creation of which all kinds of colors and details are used:

 It is common to draw certain elements with special paint and cosmetic accessories.  For example, it can be a large mouth that goes beyond the natural boundaries, bruising, shadows under the eyes.

 There may be volumetric details depicting certain parts of the body, other elements.

  Halloween scary pumpkin face paint can also contain notes of glamor, for which rhinestones and colored stones are selected.

 Many girls like the option of having makeup on only one side of the face.  This gives them the opportunity to both embody the chosen image and demonstrate their natural beauty, while creating an extremely effective contrast.

 The image of the paws of a spider grabbing a cheek, small spiders hanging on cobwebs, and spider masks are spectacularly glimpsed on the delicate faces of young girls.  All makeup is done in black, dark lipstick is applied to the lips – blood red, dark plum, brown.

Halloween face painting

To fully prepare for the holiday, it is recommended to purchase high-quality face painting.  With its help, you can easily depict certain elements that will make the image unique.  These include the following:

 Drawing a huge mouth «from ear to ear», which is characteristic of the hugely popular image of Pennywise. The image on the face of lacerations flowing from the mouth, neck or other area of ​​blood drops. Forms black pits around the eyes or shadows typical of zombies.

 You can create an incredibly cool Halloween make-up using special volumetric parts purchased from specialty stores.  The following design solutions can be cited as examples. A piece of jaw, as if protruding from the lacerated wound on the cheek for viewing.  It can also be depicted with the help of a drawing, but voluminous teeth will look much more impressive.

 Huge jaws located in the corresponding part of the face.  The very prominent lower jaw is especially impressive, but you should be prepared for the fact that this image will come out too aggressive.

 You can make the nose stand out strongly, express the superciliary arches.  This can be relevant when creating the image of an evil sorceress.

 Volumetric details can be absolutely any.  For example, a Halloween bride’s makeup for a girl might contain a flower sticking out of one eye.

Halloween makeup with rhinestones

 Even the simplest Halloween makeup will take on a feminine and glamorous touch if it is embellished with rhinestones.  Pebbles can have very different locations. With the help of rhinestones, you can depict circles by laying them out around the eyes.  At the same time, the space inside can be filled with any color chosen at individual discretion.

 Another popular way to create Halloween makeup for a girl is to highlight her smile line with rhinestones.

 Any fashionista will be delighted if you offer to make her a pumpkin face paint for Halloween, where the contours of the eyes and mouth will be lined with rhinestones.

 Pebbles can be traditional transparent or made in multi-colored variations, they can be laid out in the form of clear patterns or placed on the face in a chaotic manner.

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