All about Halloween makeup for men – the most fashionable images, how to make them yourself, as well as how to beautifully attract a beard to the image.

  • Werewolf
  • Skeleton
  • Vampire
  • Zombie
  • Joker
  • Jack’s Lantern

 We will gladly tell you about the top six of the most popular male looks for Halloween – a skeleton, a zombie, a vampire, a werewolf and, of course, the Joker, whose style became especially fashionable in 2020 after the release of the film of the same name with Joaquin Phoenix.  And also one of the most popular and recognizable images – Jack’s lantern.


 Spectacular and scary pumpkin face painting ideas for Halloween for a man is not as difficult to create as it might seem.  Makeup skills are indeed more common in women than men.

 But if not for every day, then at least for Halloween, almost everyone wants to turn into a hero of a horror movie.

Features of male makeup for Halloween

 Theatrical makeup or professional cosmetics will help to achieve a stronger effect in creating an eerie image of a vampire or Freddy Krueger (as well as any other).  But simple products like powder and foundation will also come in handy.

 But first you need to decide on the image that needs to be embodied.  This will be important when choosing cosmetics, especially with regard to colors.  For a skeleton, for example, black and white are enough.  For Halloween pumpkin face paint ideas – black and orange.  But for the Joker, they will not be enough.

 Cheekbones and jawline are key areas in men’s makeup.  It is on them that you need to pay special attention when you apply make up.

 Halloween girls for the most part embody feminine gloomy images that at the same time allow you to remain beautiful – a witch, a nurse, a cat, an angel or a doll.  Logical men choose brutal heroes.


 A fairly simple image. The central element is wool.  To show it, you only need to distribute black, gray or brown pigment over the face to match the color of the wolf.  And at the eyebrows and on the forehead, draw small strokes – «hairs».

 Another fad that should be shown is bright and expressive eyes.  This can be done with dark brown eyeshadow applied to the upper movable lid.  Well, the bottom should be emphasized with dark shadows.

 This is, in principle, everything.  You can complement the image with artificial fangs – either purchase them separately, or paint on the lips.


 A little more complex than a werewolf, and perhaps a little more spectacular.  How to make a skeleton image?

 Use a white eyeliner (or a brush with white makeup) to draw the corner lines – the hollows of the nose, cheekbones, eyes.  Then fill in the outlined areas with black eyeliner (or gel or black makeup).  Next, fill in the remaining areas on the face with any white makeup.

 We still need to draw the teeth.  You do it like this: with a thin brush with black make-up (or pencil, or eyeliner) draw teeth on the lips, separately emphasize the line up to the cheeks.

 To complete the look, you can blend black makeup around your forehead and teeth, or simply throw a black hood over your head.


 This image is also not complicated, but effective, relevant and indispensable for the Halloween holiday.

 First of all, you need to give the skin an unnaturally white tint.  Do this (before applying a tonal base) using powder, dusting powder or talcum powder.  Gray shadows on the cheekbones do not hurt – they will add sophistication.

 Then you should highlight the eyebrows with a black pencil, and the eyes with black shadows (preferably with smooth shading).

 Of course, you should buy or paint artificial fangs and take a red pigment for the image of blood.  You can also use white or red lenses for the eyes, but … Carefully.  And without them, the image will amaze the imagination.


This is the hardest image to create.

If you have little time or you don’t want to mess around for a long time: you can draw lines on your face with eyeliner that look like seams and scars.  The living dead, even in its simplest form, is a terrible sight.

 But if you want to create a real zombie, you need to try: work with the skin tone (mix colors towards gray-green), paint terrible wounds (using theatrical wax or homemade wax based on gelatin and eyelash glue), highlight the eyes with dark shadows  sketching teeth with food coloring.

And so on.  There is a large field for imagination – there would be inspiration.


 The peculiarity of the Joker’s image is a pale face with bruises, torn red lips in a wide smile and green hair.  To turn into a terrible clown, you need to purchase dyes of different shades.

 A white base (theatrical makeup or face painting) is applied to the face.  They draw bruises under the eyes with blue pigment, shade them for a natural look.

 Red pigment is used to paint an eerie smile from ear to ear and so as to create the illusion of a torn mouth.  You can make your hair green with colored chalk, or you can simply purchase a wig.

 Jack’s Lantern

 This image is perhaps the simplest.  To bring your pumpkin faces ideas for painting to life, all you have to do is draw a pumpkin outline on the face and fill it with orange paint.  Then draw black triangles around the eyes and the outline of the teeth around the mouth.  You can give the pumpkin a relief by carefully drawing vertical stripes in brown and yellow.

Halloween makeup for men with a beard

If a man has a beard, that’s a great Halloween bonus.

With a natural beard, a werewolf looks better, because his image will be filled with a special charm of rudeness. And if the beard is well disheveled, then the zombie will become more terrible, and his scars will be more expressive. The beard will add an interesting entourage and the image of an ancient vampire. And on the skeleton, the beard will generally look like its organic continuation.

 So wherever you look – some pluses.  But the Jack Lantern and Joker looks will not work with a beard.